The contest has concluded!

For the best of the contest, please check out the Panel of Legends video below (notable D&D celebrities retelling their favorite campaign moments recreated in Core - contest winners announced at the end), or our blog post for the full list of winners.

You can also play the best games from the contest on for free right now!

Thank you all once again for joining!

Archived Contest Details Below

Build the ultimate D&D adventure using Core, the new platform for creating and playing games. Winners will become legends and share a mighty $20,000 prize pool!

Prize Categories

Dungeons, Caves, and CatacombsThe WildernessStrongholds and TowersElemental PlanesBest Overall

How to enter

Deadline: Sept 6, 11:59pm PDT

Publish a game in Core, and include '[DnD]' in the title or description. You must also include the submitted category in the description. More details on submitting.

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Where will your d&d adventures take you?

Part of the appeal of Dungeons & Dragons is the mystery of the unknown, the triumph of conquest, and the joy of progression - we want you to create these moments. Because D&D adventures can take place almost anywhere, we’re calling for game submissions in four different categories:

Dungeons, Caves, and Catacombs: Beneath the surface of the world lie ancient tombs, sewers of great cities, subterranean monster lairs, unexplored caverns, and labyrinths riddled with traps and treasure.The Wilderness: Between dungeons and safe havens are forests, deserts, mountains, seas, and other natural areas waiting to be explored.Strongholds and Towers: These structures, whether intact or in ruin, are often the sanctuaries of the greatest heroes and villains.Elemental Planes: There are many dimensions in the cosmos where great powers of earth, fire, water, or air dominate all.
Entries in the contest will be judged on aesthetic appeal, narrative storytelling, and most importantly, interactivity. Entries must be games, not just scenes to explore.

Check out our blog post for more on this.

$20,000 in Prizing

Best Overall

  • $5000 Amazon gift card

  • Exclusive D&D Winner Core Profile Image

  • Added to Corehaven, Core's D&D hub world

  • Showcased at PAX

For each category:


  • $2500 Amazon gift card

  • D&D First Place Core Profile Image

  • Added to Corehaven, Core's D&D hub world


  • $1250 Amazon gift card

  • D&D Runner Up Core Profile Image

All Participants

  • D&D Core Profile Image

PAX Showcase + Charity Donations

All the games and explorable worlds created during the contest will be unveiled and be playable during a special PAX Online storytelling and gameplay panel, where we've invited some of D&D’s most notable adventurers and experienced Dungeon Masters — including Acquisition Incorporated's Jerry Holkins, Relics & Rarities' Deborah Ann Woll and more — to reveal and play through the contest winners. During the panel, they’ll also share tales of their most epic D&D adventures - reimagined in Core!

We're also pleased to announcer that for every entry, Manticore Games will be donating $100 to Extra Life - up to $10,000.

We’re also building a special “hub world,” the fantasy village of Corehaven, that will connect to all of the winning worlds through portals found in a magical shrine. We only have space for the top entries to be linked, so compete for your chance to win!

Our blog post describes this as well, so make sure to check it out if you're curious.

About Core's D&D Contest Framework

To assist you in your quest, Core has released a new D&D Contest Framework that includes weapons, NPCs, a level progression system, fantasy props, and a template dungeon. It’s the toolkit to get you started not just building a contest entry, but any sort of RPG you can imagine.

Core is our new, free to use game and world creation platform, that gives you the tools you need to turn your fantasy vision into reality. It's a radically accessible game construction kit and game-playing platform, all in one.


FAQ / Details

What is Core?

Core is a radically accessible game construction kit, content exchange, and game-playing platform, all in one. With Core, you can create multiplayer games, using the power of Unreal Engine, with no coding or art skills required. When you're ready to share your creations, publish them to the Core platform where they'll be instantly available to play.

Core is like having an entire game studio in your hands. It gives you the power of Unreal Engine; lets you access hundreds of free, high quality music, sound, and art assets; and enables you to bring immersive, multiplayer worlds to life.

Simply put, we want to help you create the game(s) of your dreams.

If I'm a newcomer to Core, where's the best place to start?

Check out our complete introduction to the Core editor to quickly get up to speed and begin creating.

How do I access the D&D contest framework to kickstart my game?

Launch Core, then go to Create --> New Project --> View Frameworks. It's also documented here. Note that you don't need to use this framework, it's just there to help those that want it!

Does it have to be a dungeon specifically?

Nope! You can create any D&D adventure setting, though you can only submit your game into one contest category.

Are there any submission specifications?

To enter, you must include the exact tag '[DnD]' in your published game's title or description, as well as the specific category you are submitting to in the description. Any entries modified after the submission due date are ineligible for prizes.

How are entries judged?

We will take into account any adherence to the theme and category, then will judge based on the gameplay, aesthetics, and the overall impression. For more details, the Official Rules describe the specific splits.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Sure, but they must be unique entries! You can not submit the same entry in multiple categories.

Can I work with a team?

Yes, but all distribution is for the owner of the winning entry to deal with. For profile pics, please put all your collaborators' names (up to 5) and their credits in the game description for them to get this endowment too.

What if I'm under 18?

Ask your parent or guardian to submit your entry on your behalf.

Is this contest authorized by Wizards of the Coast?


Where can I see the official rules?

D&D Dungeon Building Contests

Manticore Games, Inc. (“Sponsor”) will sponsor a contest for each of five (5) D&D related categories: (1) Wilderness, (2) Strongholds and Towers, (3) Dungeons, Caves and Catacombs, (4) Elemental Planes, and (5) Best Overall, (each a “Contest”).

Contest Period:
Starts: Thursday, August 6, 2020 @ 8am PDT
Ends: Sunday, September 6, 2020 @ 11:59pm PDT

How to Enter:
Publish a new game on with the phrase '[DnD]' in the title or description. The description must also clearly indicate which category the entry is submitted to. Entries may only be submitted to one (1) category, but multiple unique entries for each Contest are allowed.

Sponsor, in its sole discretion, will award a prize for first and second place in each of the first four categories set forth above. For each Contest, the first place winner will receive an Amazon Gift Card in the amount of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (US$2,500.00) and the second place winner will receive an Amazon Gift Card in the amount of One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars (US$1,250.00). The prize winner for the Best Overall Contest will win an Amazon Gift Card in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars (US$5,000.00). All Contest entrants will also receive a unique profile picture.

The D&D Dungeon Building Contests are subject to the Core Contests Official Rules.

Core May Art Contest
“Through the Looking Glass”

Core May Art Contest
“Through the Looking Glass”

Core May Art Contest
“Through the Looking Glass”

Core May Art Contest
“Through the Looking Glass”

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